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During 24 Hours of Reality, you’ll be able to watch and read the inspiring stories of climate solutions driven by activists around the world, and learn how you can do the same in your community. Also, we'll be hosting four global conversations on different solutions areas. Explore below for more information on all.

Global Dialogues - October 7

You’ll be able to tune in to global dialogues to dig deeper on solutions and the activists who made them happen. Former US Vice President Al Gore will join these live conversations:

Map of Stories

Stories and video are coming on October 7. You can also view these stories as a list.

Featured Stories

Just Transition

  • Bogotá, Colombia
    • Español: Visualizando un camino hacia la neutralidad en carbono
    • English: Envisioning a Road to Carbon Neutral
  • Memphis, Tennessee - Rallying a Community Around Justice
  • Upper Silesia, Poland
    • Polski: Transformacja gospodarki opartej na paliwach kopalnych
    • English: Transforming a Fossil Fuel Economy
  • Accra, Ghana - Building a Youth Movement
  • Yucatán, Mexico
    • Español: Abogar por la legislación climática
    • English: Advocating for Climate Legislation
  • Tuvalu
    • Tuvalu: Fakalausaga o te iloa ki luga i Fakapotopotoga kola e pokotia malosi
    • English: Raising Awareness in a Frontline Community
  • Tokyo, Japan
    • 日本語: 日本におけるアドボカシー活動の新たなアプローチ
    • English: A New Approach to Advocacy for Japan

Expand Zero-Emission Vehicles and Transportation

  • Quezon City, Philippines
    • Tagalog: Pagtalakay sa Pagkapantay-pantay sa Kalsada
    • English: Tackling Equity on the Roads
  • Chicago, Illinois - Speeding Up the Transition to Electric
  • Kingston, Ontario - Throwing Car Culture under the Bus

Natural Solutions

  • Cameroon, Africa - Sparking Community Conservation Efforts
  • Balikpapan, Indonesia - Sinking Carbon by Maintaining Mangrove Health
  • Los Angeles, California - Restoring a Critical Watershed Ecosystem
  • Abuja, Nigeria - Planting Hope Amid a Pandemic
  • Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago - Training Community Food Guardians

Building Green Communities

  • Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Українська: Розробка громадської кліматичної стратегії
    • English: Developing a Community Climate Strategy
  • Surigao del Norte, Philippines - Saving Livelihoods in a Changing Climate
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • Português: Abordando a vulnerabilidade climática urbana
    • English: Addressing Urban Climate Vulnerability
  • Quito, Ecuador
    • Español: Educación y capacitación de los jóvenes sobre el clima
    • English: Educating and Empowering Youth on Climate
  • India - Greening and Teaching on Campus